Engaging Pedagogy is a regional, interdisciplinary conference serving faculty and staff committed to producing deeper and more effective teaching and learning initiatives. 

May 17, 2017 (click for web site)

8:30 a.m. Conference Registration & Light Breakfast (Schuech Fine Arts Gallery)
Registration after 10:00 a.m. will take place in the Tschoepe Hall Lobby

9:00 a.m. Conference Opening (Wupperman Little Theatre, Schuech Fine Arts Center)

9:00 a.m. Dr. Chris Bollinger, Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning

9:10 a.m. Dr. Debbie Cottrell, Vice President of Academic Affairs

9:20 a.m. Dr. John Sieben, Professor of Mathematics, Conference Committee

9:30 a.m. Keynote Speaker: Dr. Annaliese Hettinger, Oregon State University


"Empower Future Leaders! Engaging in Knowledge Exchange with Curiosity and Compassion"

Dr. Annaliese Hettinger is a marine ecologist and science communicator based at Oregon State University in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. She holds a B.S. with Honors in Marine Biology from Dalhousie University, a M.S. with Distinction in Biology from California State University Northridge, and a Ph.D. in Ecology from University of California Davis. Her doctoral research demonstrated the consequences of climate change for oysters in coastal marine environments. She serves as a Science Communication Fellow at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the Communications Officer for Oregon State University Women in Science, and helps lead the Ecological Society of America Science Communication Section. Her recent work is published in the journals BioScience, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, and Ecology. She is a mama to two boys and enjoys singing, taking pictures, gardening, reading, writing, and canoe-backpacking.

Learn More about Dr. Hettinger

10:10 a.m. Transition to breakout sessions in Tschoepe Hall

10:30 a.m. Workshop Sessions (Tschoepe Hall)

Get Outta Here! Adapting the Traditional Literature Course to the Hybrid Model - Room 127
Dr. Pam Johnston, Texas Lutheran University

Turn Your Class Assignments into Resume Credits- Room 128
Professor Shannon Ivey, Texas Lutheran University

Weaving Structure and Content for Effective Course Redesign - Room 130
Dr. Karen Sides, Schreiner University, Ms. Kathleen Smith Walker, Schreiner University, Professor Kim McAlister, Schreiner University

Open Mic Fridays: Building Safe Spaces for High School Students - Room 131
Dr. Paul Mencke, Sr., Texas State University

Redesigning Introductory Physics Laboratories to be Relevant and Interesting to Students - Room 245
Professor Erin Scanlon, Texas Lutheran University

Inverted Classrooms: Essential Components and Best Practices - Room 250
Dr. John Sieben, Texas Lutheran University & Dr. Reza Abbasian, Texas Lutheran University

Sieben - Conf Presentation-Inverted Nuts and Bolts.pptx

11:20 a.m. Workshop Sessions (Tschoepe Hall)

Discovery & The IL Framework - Room 127
Ms. Mikail McIntosh-Doty, Concordia University Texas

Discovery The IL Framework.pptx | Discovery and IL Frameworks.pdf | Fake-News-Worksheet from ProQuest 2017.pdf | IL Frames and Discovery [fill in ] Spring 2017.pdf | Information literacy comparison 2015 COLA presentation.PDF

Designing a Webpage to Deliver Class Content - Room 128
Dr. David Baer, Texas Lutheran University

The Layered Use of Film in Criminal Justice Studies - Room 130
Dr. David Balkum, Concordia University Texas

The Layered Use of Film - TLU Pedagogy Conference (DDB 5-17-17).pptx

Peer Educators: Making Their Students Do The Talking - Room 131
Ms. Lisa Cradit, Texas Lutheran University, Ms. Kennedy Dankert, Texas Lutheran University, Ms. Kaydee Nance, Texas Lutheran University, & Mr. Jared Theus, Texas Lutheran University

Lisa Cradit Presentation Documents Spr 2017.docx

Moving Towards Hispanic Serving Institution through Culturally Relevant Teaching - Room 245
Dr. Corinne Castro, Texas Lutheran University

Giving Students More Effective Feedback Using Electronic Mechanisms - Room 250
Dr. Calvin Berggren, Texas Lutheran University

2017-05_TLU-Feedback.pdf 2017-05_TLU-Feedback.pptx Handout-Feedback.docx Handout-Feedback.pdf

12:10 p.m. Lunch in Dunne Conference Room (Tschoepe Hall)


1:00 p.m. Workshop Sessions (Tschoepe Hall)

Online Learning: Does it support Student Connectedness or Dissociation? - Room 127
Professor Donna Kubena, Texas Lutheran University

Translating Study Abroad Experiences into Marketable Skills - Room 128
Mr. Mason Murphy, Texas State University

Murphy - TLU 2017 PowerPoint Presentation.pptx

Course-based Undergraduate Research in Ecology - Room 130
Dr. Mark Gustafson, Texas Lutheran University

Factors Affecting Retention, Persistence and Graduation Rate - Room 131
Dr. Veronica Morrison, San Antonio College

Diversifying Rhetorical Methods - Room 245
Dr. Steve Vrooman, Texas Lutheran University

Revisiting a Model of Knowledge Creation to Minimize the Negative Impact of Information Overload - Room 250
Dr. Sam Hijazi, Texas Lutheran University

1:50 p.m. Workshop Sessions (Tschoepe Hall)

A Skill-Based Approach to Parallel Teaching of Composition and Research Design with Honors Students - Room 127
Dr. Tiffiny Sia, Texas Lutheran University & Professor Kyle Olson, Texas Lutheran University

Active Pedagogy in STEM Fields: A Report on a Continuing Assessment of the Value of the Flipped Classroom - Room 128
Dr. Mike Ruane, Texas Lutheran University

Learning With Simulation - Room 131
Professor Cecilia Trinidad, Texas Lutheran University, Professor Amie Bedgood, Texas Lutheran University, Dr. Amy Long, Texas Lutheran University, Dr. Kimberly Griffith, Texas Lutheran University, & Mrs. Drucilla Owenby, Texas Lutheran University

Creating Persuasive PSAs for Civic Engagement - Room 245
Dr. Mary Grace Antony, Schreiner University & Mrs. Cecila Ann Barlow, Schreiner University

Enagaging Minds - Persuasive PSAs - Antony.pdf

2:40 p.m. Workshop Sessions (Tschoepe Hall)

Trust the Process: Team-Based Learning in the Classroom - Room 127
Dr. Fern Garza, Texas Lutheran University

Integrating Computation into STEM Curriculum - Room 128
Dr. Calvin Berggren, Texas Lutheran University

2017-05_TLU-Computation.pdf 2017-05_TLU-Computation.pptx Handout-Computation.docx Handout-Computation.pdf

Getting Past the Fear: Engaging in a Process Lab - Room 130
Dr. Kathryn Campbell, Schreiner University

Getting Past the Fear_KCampbell_Schreiner.pdf

Simulation as a Means to Engage Student Learning - Room 131
Dr. Robin Bisha, Texas Lutheran University

Incorporating Kahoot! Game Shows into Classes - Room 245
Dr. Mike Czuchry, Texas Lutheran University & Professor Tim Kent, Texas Lutheran University

Czuchry Kahootpresentation3.pptx

3:30 - 3:50 p.m. Closing Session & Reception - Dunne Conference Room (Tschoepe Hall)

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