October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

This web page  serves as a resource to raise awareness about online risks on campus and the fact that devices and accounts are routinely compromised. Hackers target university networks because college students lack of experience makes them vulnerable!

The cyber world can feel a bit like "Big Brother" is watching you sometimes, but being more aware about how you interact in the cyber world can keep you and your information safe online. Below are a few things going on @ TLU during cyber security awarenss month, including:

  • Posters in most restrooms to inform
  • A Cyber Security Awareness Game ( prizes for participants!) on Wednesday evening 10/23 @ 7pm in the ASC Conference room A/B
  • Phishing exercise to test your awareness!
  • And other events! 

Big Brother

Here are some ways you can help cyber awareness:

  • Lock your computer when not in use
  • Be mindful of what you links & web sites you open & “free” software/toolbars you download
  • Be careful of open Wi‐Fi hotspots / turn off your mobile Wi‐Fi when not in use
  • Don't always go for the "free" app on your mobile device
  • If it sounds too good to be true it is likely a scam!