Don't Catch a Virus! October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

This web page is a resource for your to use to help bring awareness about online risk. Especially now more than ever because we are confined to be mostly online. Don't catch a virus this season, you need to protect yourself online now as you do in real life. Knowing what steps to take can help you be safe online and not get infected with a virus! 

There are many ways you can catch a virus, by

  • opening infected email attachments
  • clicking on the hyperlinks attached to infected e-mails
  • going to an infected website

And many more, it's not just getting malware from sites or emails, but you could be targeted by people using phishing e-mail tactics to obtain your personal information.

Don't take this lightly, because it is your personal information that is being displayed on the web. If you can take some precautions and are knowledgeable about these scams, you can be better protected to not catch a virus or get your personal information taken.


Don't Catch a Virus this Season!


Here are some ways you can help cyber awareness:

  • Don't open emails that you don't know who they're from, if you don't know ask the IT help desk
  • Don't go clicking on random websites that offer "free" stuff, many of them have malicious worms viruses attached
  • Be careful of "free WiFi", criminals can see you on there and get your information
  • Create a strong password and don't use the same password for every site, especially your bank websites
  • The best offense is a good defense, keep all your apps and anti-virus software up to date, but don't rely on them
  • Only you can prevent getting infected. 

Be on the lookout!

Get involved! Be on the lookout for more information and activities around campus!

  • Posters will be in most of the restrooms around campus and Bulldog TV to inform
  • There will be a Kahoot Cyber Security Awareness Game and prizes for participants!
  • 500 lucky students will receive a phishing e-mail to test your awareness
  • TLU campus mail box holders will receive mailers, so check your mail box
  • Be on the look out for promotional items around campus to help you be aware

Kahoot Cyber Security Awareness Game!!

  • Test your knowledge and see if you will be a lucky winner!
  • Gift card drawings to Whataburger or On-the-Grind for up to 20 who participate!

Have you been PWNED? -

Check to see if your e-mail address might have been part of a data breach! The "Have I been PWNED" website tracks online data breaches and can inform you should a site that you might be using gets compromised.  A few years ago for example, Dropbox, the well known file exchange was breached and thousands of usernames and passwords were captured by hackers.

Click on the hyper link below and then enter your email address, either your personal or school email to see if they show up. Don't worry, this is a legitimate site managed by a Microsoft security professional.

If you see that your email address has been in a data breach, make sure that you are using different passwords on your various accounts. A hacker will try to use the breached password on your e-mail accounts to see if they can get in and compromise it.