TLU Strategic Plan

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

This page will contain documents related to our Strategic Plan.  In advance, I thank you for your part in this important process which will help us define TLU’s future. 

   We now have a summary of the core values discussions that were held on campus in late September (below).

   If you have comments on or questions about the summary, please let me know.

   In November, the Cabinet will work from this summary to draft 3-5 core values that will provide the foundation for our strategic planning work this year.  Those draft values will be shared with you in December.

   In addition to this work, we now have campus teams working on drafting a vision statement and revised mission statement as part of the strategic planning process.  Drafts of that work will be shared with you in January.  Team members for the vision statement are Steve Boehm, Samira Lopez, Alecia McCain, and Karen Kegg (TLU alum and current chair of the Development Board).  Team members for the mission statement are Jessica Anderson, Tim Clark, Pam Johnston, and Noel Vella.

   All of this work will position us to move towards identifying the strategic initiatives that we will focus on for the next five years at TLU.   That work will unfold later in the spring semester.

   Again, thank you for being part of the strategic planning process this year.  Please be in touch with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

President Cottrell