This page is a repository for reference and training materials related to data security at TLU.
General Notes:


TLU Information Technology will never ask you for your account and password via an e-mail or a link


  • When we send out any campus-wide alert, we will sign it with our name instead of using a generic tag line like “Helpdesk” or TLU.EDU service desk, or Technical Support etc.
  • Automated messages from TLU that indicate that you have reached your e-mail quota limit will only advise you to delete some of your old e-mails to clear up space. They will not ask for an account name or password or direct you to a web-site to confirm your usage.
  • If you are ever unsure please feel free to contact the Help desk at ishelp@tlu.eduor by calling Ext. 6000; we don’t mind.


If by chance you do respond to such an e-mail please change your password immediately or let us know and we can help with that. 


>>> Until further notice TLUIT quarantines e-mails with zip file attachments or the word "Bitcoin" in the text. If the message is legitimate we will let it through. We are sorry to have to do this but 90%+ of these types of e-mails are either loaded with malware (zip files) or asking for some kind of payoff (bitcoin).


Thanks for your help. It takes everyone’s help and cooperation to keep TLU’s network secure!


TLU Information Security Contacts


TLU's FERPA officer is: Glenn Yockey - Registrar
TLU's "Red Flags" officer is: Edie Richardson - Vice President of Finance
TLU's "GLBA" office is: Bill Senter - Chief Technology Officer
TLU's Data Security officer is: Bill Senter - Chief Technology Officer