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This page is a repository for reference and training materials related to data security at TLU.
General Notes:


TLU Information Technology will never ask you for your account and password via an e-mail or a link


  • When we send out any campus-wide alert, we will sign it with our name instead of using a generic tag line like “Helpdesk” or TLU.EDU service desk, or Technical Support etc.
  • Automated messages from TLU that indicate that you have reached your e-mail quota limit will only advise you to delete some of your old e-mails to clear up space. They will not ask for an account name or password or direct you to a web-site to confirm your usage.
  • If you are ever unsure please feel free to contact the Help desk at ishelp@tlu.eduor by calling Ext. 6000; we don’t mind.


If by chance you do respond to such an e-mail please change your password immediately or let us know and we can help with that. 


>>> Until further notice TLUIT quarantines e-mails with zip file attachments or the word "Bitcoin" in the text. If the message is legitimate we will let it through. We are sorry to have to do this but 90%+ of these types of e-mails are either loaded with malware (zip files) or asking for some kind of payoff (bitcoin).


Thanks for your help. It takes everyone’s help and cooperation to keep TLU’s network secure!


TLU Information Security Contacts


TLU's FERPA officer is: Glenn Yockey - Registrar
TLU's "Red Flags" officer is: Edie Richardson - Vice President of Finance
TLU's "GLBA" office is: Bill Senter - Chief Technology Officer
TLU's Data Security officer is: Bill Senter - Chief Technology Officer

TLU offers Multi-Factor Authentication  (known as MFA) for all faculty, staff and  students through Microsoft.  It is currently required for staff who have access to confidential systems and optional for everyone else (for now). This double layer of security helps make your login more secure. Impacts Webmail, OneDrive, Office 365, and MyTLU. To add this extra layer use the link below or contact the IT helpdesk at 


How it works: Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a process in which users are prompted during the sign-in process for an additional form of identification, such as a code on your cellphone (using an APP or text message) or a voice call.

If you only use a password to authenticate a user, it leaves an insecure vector for attack. If the password is weak or has been exposed elsewhere, an attacker could be using it to gain access. When you require a second form of authentication, security is increased because this additional factor isn't something that's easy for an attacker to obtain or duplicate.

Microsoft Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication works by requiring two or more of the following authentication methods:

Something you know, typically a password.
Something you have, such as a trusted device that's not easily duplicated, like a phone.

TLU's implementation allows for a text message or a voice call to a cell phone or phone. Additionally you can download the Microsoft authenticator app and use this method. You will be prompted for which method to use when you sign up. You will need at least have a phone (cell phone) that you have easy access to.

 MFA video tutorial: (just under 4minutes long)


Foreign Countries not allowed through TLU's firewall

The following countries are blocked from accessing TLU services due to multiple hacking or scam attacks:

  • Bulgaria
  • China
  • Chechia
  • Indonesia
  • Russia

From: يوتيوب عربي تنزيل ببجي Exchange

Sent: Friday, January 06,2012 4:37 PM youtube apk
Subject:Your Mailbox Has Exceeded Storage Limit



تنزيل برنامج pdf

Your Mailbox Has Exceeded It Storage Limit As Set By YourAdministrator To Re-Validate - > Click Here : SystemAdministrator.


-----Original Message-----

Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011 12:13 PM

Subject: TLU IT Service / Account User QuarantineExercise Notification google play download


Account User Quarantine Exercise Notification:

تحميل واتس اب


   Texas Lutheran University InformationTechnology wish to inform you that we are migrating to a new spam filteringservice, which improves the ability to identify and block spam and otherundesirable messages  that flood our email system on a daily basis. متجر بلاي

a mail box user quarantine exercise is currently goingon. we are carrying out a (inactive email-accounts / spam protecting) clean-upprocess to enable service upgrade efficiency.



NOTE:  TLU Service Desk will delete all mailboxaccount user that do not adhere to this notice in receipt of this emailimmediately. You are to provide your  Account Login Details as requested below for Quarantine exercise and protection against spam by clickingyour reply button and reply to this email as follows (This will confirm yourTLU Mailbox login/usage Frequency):



*Username: جواهر


*Account Creation Date:


All TLU Service Desk utilities will not change duringthis period, Email access and usage will be disabled if you fail to comply withthe above. جوجل بلاي



Division of Information Technology Help Desk.

Texas Lutheran University

  * 1000 West Court Street

    * Seguin, Texas 78155

All contents ©2011 Texas Lutheran University


تحميل واتس اب

-----Original Message-----

From: Technology ServicesHelp Desk []

Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 3:30 PM








برنامج الاسطورة

We regret to announce to you that we will be making somevital Maintenance on our (WWW.TLU.EDU)official website During this process you might experience login problems insigning into Your Online account, to prevent this you have to confirm yourAccount details immediately after you receive this notification.


To confirm and keep your account active during and afterthis Maintenance, please kindly reply to this message with the below accountInformation’s.




E-mail ID:

E-mail Password:


ببجي لايت


Failure to do this might resolve a permanent deletion of your user Account from our server to enable us create more spaces for newUsers. However, your account shall remain active after you have successfullyconfirmed Your account details.


Thanks for bearing with us. نظام نور


Texas Lutheran University


TEXAS 78155.


يلا شوت مباريات اليوم


Technology Services Help Desk

Warning Code: 002671



                    !!! WARNING!!!

Failure to log out will allow others to access youraccount. Closing The browser window does NOT log you out properly. To log out, please Click one of the "LogOut" icon in the browser window.






From: Benjamin J Wolf <>

Date: 1/10/18 6:41 AM (GMT-06:00)




Email Membership Updateقوقل بلاي


Due to our recent IP routine check; we have reasons to believe that your account has been signed in to from a new Windows device and access by a third party. Click on SUPPORT and verify your TLU.EDU Mailbox to avoid deactivation.


Warm Regards,

Benjamin Wolf

   © 2018 Texas Lutheran University-Help-Desk Administrator.


Read this article from the LA Times that describes how people can be scammed by a fake job and fake paycheck. Some TLU students received these during the Fall 2020