This area contains forms and documents for TLU alums and parents of TLU students.

Winter Commencement, Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023

Congratulations on your graduation from Texas Lutheran University!  This memorandum provides information about the December 16 baccalaureate service and commencement.


Please read these instructions carefully as this will be the only detailed communication you receive and there will be no rehearsals for these events.


  • Monday, Oct. 16-- Graduation Announcements, Caps and Gowns are available for purchase at the TLU Bookstore.  (Please note that any honor society or organization cords will be distributed by your faculty/staff sponsor.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 29 (3-6 p.m.) -- Grad Gear Up! (Dunne Conference Center, Tschoepe)

This is your opportunity to take care of all things pertaining to graduation at one location.  Pick up commencement tickets, verify the reading of your name at the ceremony and on your diploma, wrap up loose ends with the business and financial aid offices, and take care of any other important graduation business.


Due to the number of graduates and the amount of seating available in Jackson Auditorium, each graduate will be given 8 tickets to share with family and invited guests. These tickets may be picked up at Grad Gear Up on Nov. 29, or in the TLU Bookstore after that date. No tickets will be available before Nov. 28. We allocate eight tickets to each graduate to ensure that at least eight family members and/or friends are guaranteed a seat. However, tickets holder will be asked to be seated ten minutes prior to the ceremony. At that time, non-ticket holders will be seated, as space allows.

The ceremony will also be livestreamed at

  • Alumni Association Induction - Join your fellow graduating Bulldogs for the Winter 2023 Alumni Induction hosted by TLU President, Dr. Debbie Cottrell, and TLU Alumni Association Board of Directors on Thursday, December 7 at 4 p.m. at the Fritz House. The reception will include light refreshments, music, photo opportunities, and a custom TLU champagne flute! This celebration is honoring your academic success and officially welcomes you into the TLU Alumni Association. To RSVP click here.
  • Alumni Bricks - We invite you to be a part of history by purchasing a commemorative brick located in Alumni Plaza. Bricks are $100 each and will be inscribed with your name and class year. Deadline to order for Winter 2023 is Sunday, December 3 to be installed prior to Winter Commencement. Click here to purchase.



Date:     Saturday, Dec. 16

Time:    11 a.m.

Place:    Chapel of the Abiding Presence

Report to the Alumni Student Center by 10:40 a.m. to line up for the processional to the chapel.  Wear your gown, but not your cap.  Also, do not wear any honor cords or medals that you may receive from an honor society or other organization. These are not worn until the commencement ceremony that afternoon. The head marshal will be present to assist with the line-up.  The program participants will go first, followed by the faculty, then the graduates.  The crucifer will lead the processional into the chapel.  The head marshal will direct program participants and faculty to their seats.  The graduates will be led by an assistant marshal and directed to their seats.  Remain standing in place until the signal to be seated.


For the recessional, the crucifer will retrieve the cross from its stand and lead the way out.  The graduates, faculty, and program participants will follow.  Again, the marshals will be leading everyone out, so simply follow their direction.


If you are interested in being part of the planning team for Baccalaureate, please contact Pastor Wes Cain at  by Friday, Nov. 10. All are welcome to help plan the music, readings, and other aspects of the service.



Date:  Saturday, Dec. 16

Time:  3 p.m.

Place: Jackson Auditorium

Report to The Weston Center Studio Theatre by 2 p.m. for picture taking (a professional photographer will take portraits before the ceremony and as you receive your diploma), last-minute instructions, and clarification of the pronunciation of names.  The marshals will be present to assist with the line-up, and charts will be posted along the formation area.


You are welcome to decorate the top of your graduation cap, as long as the decoration is not deemed offensive. Please keep in mind that the decorations must lie flat on the top of the cap, and may not hang over the edge of the cap. We encourage you to be creative, but please keep it tasteful and decorate according to the rules. We reserve the right to ask you to remove any decorations that are not deemed appropriate.


At 2:55 p.m., the procession will move from the Studio Theatre to Jackson Auditorium.  It will be led by the crucifer and the head marshal.  The faculty will follow in a single file. Graduates will come next (also in a single file) following the assistant marshal to the graduates’ seating area.  If someone is missing from the assigned space on the seating chart, leave that seat open as the person may arrive late.  Once you are in, just follow the program and relax!  When we reach the part concerning the presentation of the candidates, listen for Dr. Cottrell to ask Dr. Ferguson, Vice President for Academic Affairs, to present the candidates.  Dr. Ferguson will read a line which ends with "please rise."  Do so as a group.  The president will speak a few more lines and then the VPAA will ask the candidates to present themselves as their names are called.  Watch the assistant marshal. At this point, you will be directed, row by row, to the steps on the right side of the stage.  Proceed to the top step and wait for your name to be called.  Mr. Bob Oliver, chair of the TLU Board of Regents, will present university honor cords (e.g., summa cum laude) as graduates cross the stage.  You will then cross to greet President Cottrell and pose for a photo with your diploma. Proceed along the aisle in front of the stage, return to your respective row, and be seated.


After the benediction, the crucifer will retrieve the cross.  The head marshal will direct you to fall in line behind the platform party and proceed out of the auditorium.  The faculty will follow the students.


For your convenience on graduation day, the TLU Bookstore will be open from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


For general questions about graduation, please feel free to contact Susan Rinn at ext. 8001 or You may also find graduation information on the TLU Portal by visiting



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Nominate your family for the 2023 TLU Family of the Year and be honored at half time of the Bulldog football game on October 21st. Application deadline Friday, Oct. 6th. 


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