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Looking for the Academic Calendar? Get the PDF.
Click here for help on submitting/using the portal calendar, adding an event to the calendar, or using event planning resources..

Holidays are prime phishing, fake job, or fake sales scam time

Please remember that TLU IT, or HR or any University department will never ask you for you email/account credentials, no matter how “official” it looks. We will not ask you to "confirm your account" or remove it unless you are no longer with TLU, so please help TLU stay secure by not sharing it via e-mail, a form, over text, phone etc.!  We realize most people who do fall for these think they are doing the right thing but unfortunately scammers take advantage of that. As the previous alert noted, the holiday season is often a prime time for scams because the bad actors know people have their guard down and offices are closed. Today was busier than most with phishing, fake file sharing, and selling items via text message all in one morning. I would not be surprised if we see some more so help us by deleting them if they do!
Some additional pointers:
• Do not use the same password on your TLU account that you have on some other account If a hacker/bad actor gets one of those then they can get into your TLU account.
• Make your password hard to guess (If it is not already) Having a password that is not a real word is a good option
• If you get an offer that seems to be out of character or too good to be true it is most likely a scam
• Don’t download files from an unsolicited source, especially if it is from outside of TLU.