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Not sure how to find TLU on your favorite social media platform? Here are some quick links you can use to follow TLU and keep up with the latest news and blog posts on







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Submit an event to the calendar.

Looking for the Academic Calendar? Get the PDF.
Click here for help on submitting/using the portal calendar, adding an event to the calendar, or using event planning resources..

Clearing Web Browsers Cached Data

If you are experiencing issues on , clearing out you web browser cached data may help resolve them.


Google Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome and press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE
  2. Click Basic Tab
  3. Make sure "Cached Images and Files" is checked.
  4. Choose Time Range: All Time
  5. Click Clear Data Button


Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox and press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE
  2. Choose Time range to clear: Everything
  3. Ensure "Cache" is checked.
  4. Click Ok.


Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE
  2. Choose Time Range: All Time
  3. Click Clear Now.

MyTLU System Maintenance completed

Saturday's (1/9/21) system maintenance has been completed.

We have seen some issues with the Chrome browser (content editing) that we are investigating. Safari, Firefox, IE and the latest version of Edge appear to work ok.

As mentioned in the previous announcement, the login process is slightly different. Since it now supports "single-sign-on" (SSO) you are now able to sign in once and if you chose the option to "stay signed in" you won't have to re-authenticate each time. Be sure to sign off however when you are finished.