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Multi-Factor Authentication for all TLU Students

 Multi-factor authentication, or MFA for short is now very common among Universities, financial institutions, and many companies. Starting tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday July 17th, ) the next time you log in you will be prompted for more information in order for Microsoft to contact you to confirm your identity. You will have 3 choices, either:


  1. A phone number to receive and SMS text  (most common for students)
  2. A phone number to get called
  3. Use the Microsoft Authenticator app (a free download from the google or apple app stores)


You only need one of these. Once set you will be asked to confirm your identity from time to time when logging on to e-mail, MyTLU, Office 365, and the TLU network.


I have included a 2 minute YouTube video on “MFA” for your information here :  


By implementing MFA, you will no longer need to change your password every 6th months like in the past.


Thanks for helping keep TLU cyber-secure.


p.s. if you have already enabled Multi-factor authentication on your own you are all set.