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TLU Animals on Campus Policy

TLU Community:


Pets are the source of much enjoyment and companionship to members of the TLU community. However, pets may also pose a concern or threat to the health and safety of the campus community and/or disrupt campus operations.


To explore the proper balance of allowing pets on campus while recognizing the need to ensure that all faculty, staff, students, and visitors could safely utilize our campus facilities, the University reviewed issues and complaints from students, faculty, staff, and visitors as to the presence of pets in multiple University facilities. In developing a policy on pets, the University sought to harmonize, when possible, the foregoing concerns and also sought to avoid any situation where an individual would feel uncomfortable or unable to ask another member of the University community to refrain from bringing a pet into a University facility.


Approved this week and effective immediately, the attached TLU Animals on Campus Policy provides guidance for the presence of pets, emotional support animals and service animals on our campus.  A graphic summarizing the policy is included.


Please review the graphic and the policy (click here).  In short:


·         Pets (on a leash) are allowed in outdoor areas, excluding athletic facilities.

·         Pets are not allowed in TLU facilities.

·        Emotional support animals as defined by the policy are allowed in campus housing under specific conditions.

·         Service animals as defined by the policy are excluded from the restrictions of this policy.

·         The policy allows for the presence of pets at University sanctioned events in which pets were included explicitly.


General questions regarding this policy may be directed to the President’s Office.  Questions regarding emotional support animals and service animals may be directed to the Office of Counseling and Disability Services.

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