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Watch for e-mail scams

We are seeing another wave of phishing and e-mail scams of late. The latest ones tend to be about part time jobs or income related. I have included an example below.  Unfortunately some of these may appear to come from a person on campus making them look legitimate when they are not.






Dear %Email%,


Part Time Income opportunity for you and someone next to you:


New surveyors  for mystery shopper are needed for ongoing store evaluation programs for brands like Walmart, Steam, Ebay, CVS, 7'Eleven, Starbucks Coffee, Safeway,Apple Store,Best Buy e.t.c.


A research project is starting in your area. This project takes place every week, so the research company needs to recruit guest shoppers to work as surveyors. You will get $450 on each assignment.


To participate CLICK HERE

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