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New look for MyTLU

The recent upgrade to the portal has changed the look and theme of MyTLU. Most of this was due to the new "responsive" feature that adjusts the portal to the device you are using to connect with automatically. One example of this is how documentation or "handouts" are displayed. The new version likes to use "card" format (a type of tabular format) because it is easier to adjust for smaller screens. In the past, MyTLU used a "list" format for these items and that option is available to switch to. Same content just a bit different layout.

TLU IT staff are in the process of finishing the upgrade over the next couple of days. If you run into a problem let us know at

In addition to the portal, e-learning/e-racer was also updated to the latest release (2.3). There is a new faculty guide for the LMS on the E-racer page under the Faculty tab.

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