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Cyber - Security Reminders

As we start the fall semester, scammers and other bad actors will likely try to take advantage of having a lot of new people on campus.  TLU IT will never ask you for your password over e-mail or by clicking any link or to renew or activate anything via an email link. So if you get an e-mail asking for that , no matter how official looking it is, it is a scam. If you do happen to provide you credentials, the best thing to do is to change your password immediately and alert the helpdesk (

Other things to be mindful of:

  • If you get an obvious scam the easiest thing to do is delete it.
  • If you get a blackmail e-mail – do not reply. Delete it or send to if you are concerned. We will report the abuse to the domain site and if need be contact law enforcement.
  • If you get an e-mail that lists a password that you have used before, make sure that the password listed is not one you are using anywhere. If you are, change it to be safe.
  • Do not use the same password for both personal accounts and TLU credentials. Make it harder for a hacker to gain access to all of your data.
  • If you get an e-mail from someone you know that seems out of character, question it. Rather than reply (since that will go to the scammer), send a new message to the person asking them if it was legitimate. We have seen a lot of spoofed messages that were not really sent by the sender listed.


Thanks for staying vigilant and helping keep TLU secure!


Scam example below


Date: August 8, 2022 at 8:46:39 AM CDT
Subject: TLU IT
Our records indicate that your office 365 has two different logins with two different school portals. Kindly indicate the two info logins as soon as possible. To avoid termination of the two school portals within 24hrs, we expect you to strictly adhere and address it
We will process your termination request shortly; You will lose all your emails associated with this account
If you have only one college account, fill in the correct user and passcode and submit. But if you are in a dual credit college, Pls fill in the correct username and password for both school and submit
If you have no knowledge about the request process, kindly update to cancel the request below.
Copy and paste the URL Below into the address bar of your web browser to cancel the request ( )
Thank You


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