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Cyber Security Awareness

As we head into the summer season, a quick reminder to still be on the lookout for scams. The latest ones fall into 2 categories:
1) fake jobs (dog walking, work from home, telemarketing). The scam involves getting you to pay for some initial cost or that they will send you a check (that is bogus) and ask you to pay someone out of that.  Don't fall for it!
2) Offering free items but requiring you to pay for shipping. If you pay they got you.
Also please do not provide your username or password to anyone even it says it is coming from TLU IT. We won't do that so if you get asked, know it is a scam!
Additional pointers:
• Do not use the same password on your TLU account that you have on some other account If a hacker/bad actor gets one of those then they can get into your TLU account.
• Make your password hard to guess (If it is not already) Having a password that is not a real word is a good option
• If you get an offer that seems to be out of character or too good to be true it is most likely a scam
• Don’t download files from an unsolicited source, especially if it is from outside of TLU.


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