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COVID-19 Campus Update - 8/20/21

Dear TLU Faculty, Staff, and Students, 



As we look to the beginning of our semester next week, we are writing to remind  you of several important safety protocols that will increase our opportunity for a strong and smooth opening to this academic year.  In addition, we are providing a few other key updates below. 


Current Protocols: 

  • TLU continues to utilize CDC guidelines for the foundation of our protocols and practices. 
  • Everyone on campus is required to wear a mask when indoors, regardless of vaccination status. 
  • Most campus events are still scheduled, though they are capped at 50% capacity.   
  • Hein Dining Hall will operate at 75% capacity for meal services. 
  • Physical distancing is encouraged when possible. 
  • Anyone who is not feeling well and exhibiting symptoms that could be COVID-related should contact Health Services (students) or your own medical provider (faculty/staff). 
  • Students who need to quarantine or isolate, should contact  Faculty will be notified about students in these categories via Student Health Services, similar to last year. 
  • All protocols are posted on the TLU website at  and will be continually updated as needed. 


Items Pending Further Discussion with President’s Cabinet Next Week 

  • Though we do anticipate some testing to be done on campus, those plans are not yet finalized (and are also pending final decisions via our athletic conferences). 


Other Key Updates 

  • Current vaccination rates are as follows: 
    • Students—87% reported, 75% of those are vaccinated 
    • Faculty/staff—38 remaining to report, 91% of those reporting are vaccinated. 
  • Anyone who has not yet submitted their vaccination or exemption paperwork should do so immediately at MyTLU. You can navigate to the reporting form from the covid-19 protocol page on the TLU website (referenced above)  or use this  direct link  to the MyTLU form here   (note: this link will require you to sign in to MyTLU) 
  • A vaccine clinic is underway on campus today (Friday, August 20) from 10-3 at Jackson Park. Anyone wanting a vaccine is welcome and can drop by. 
  • As always, questions about any COVID-related matters can be directed to the COVID team at , or to the Cabinet member for your area.   



We appreciate your help with campus safety—always, but certainly at this critical time. 



Thank you, 



COVID Leadership Team 

                Bill Senter, Chair 

                Beth Bronk 

                Danielle Grove 

                Tim Kent 

                Gourjoine Wade 

                Laci Webber 

                Kyle Wych 

                Jonathan Zitelman 

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