About Zoom

Conference sessions will make use of Zoom, a virtual meeting platform. If you are new to zoom, please consult the following video on getting started with zoom: Getting Started with Zoom. In this document, the zoom links to join the zoom meetings are built into the titles. So for example, if you click on the training session “Zoom I”, it will take you to the zoom room if you already have a zoom account or prompt you to add one. The free version of the account works quite well but has some time and use limitations. If you are teaching a course and need a zoom account, contact IT through ishelp@tlu.edu for assistance.

NOTES Responding to faculty questions/concerns:

1. Students should use the free accounts. When in your classes, the limitations are guided by the account you are using, not those of your students.

2. If you plan to teach remotely from your office and need a webcam, contact ishelp@tlu.edu.

3. If you have other equipment needs to teach effectively, contact ishelp@tlu.edu. No guarantees, but it is worth asking.