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A Look At The Many Uses Of Synthetic Urine

There is a good chance that you have heard about synthetic urine. In fact, it seems that the substance has widely grown and is virtually available in every truck stop around the world.


The substance has become so widely available and used that there are some states moving to ban the substance. Well, do you really know what synthetic urine is and how it can be used?


Drug Users Use Synthetic Urine For Drug Test

You can probably already guess that there are many individuals out there that are using synthetic urine to pass prescreening or random drug tests.


In fact, this is probably where synthetic urine gets used the most. And, this is because that it so closely mimics authentic urine that it is capable of fooling any urine test. The substance contains the same levels of pH, creatine, uric acid, urea, and nitrates that are found in authentic urine. The stuff even gives off the smell of human urine, which is just impressive. There is a really interesting article about using synthetic urine for drug test on, It’s a great read.


Salesmen And Trading Agents Are Using Synthetic Urine


For door-to-door salesmen and trading agents presentation is everything. With the age of the Internet and technology, you wouldn’t think that there are many door-to-door selling services around, but you would be surprised. And, synthetic urine is helping them stay in business.


If a salesman or trading agents wants to prove how good his or her cleaning agent it they simply can’t urinate on the customer’s carpet can they? No, that would be grotesque, but this is where synthetic urine provides a helping hand. Agents can pour the substance on the carpet and show the homeowner how effective their products are.


Synthetic Urine Repeals Bugs, Insects, And Animals

It is a well-known fact that human urine can repeal certain bugs, insects, and animals. Well, if your backyard is oversaturated with ladybugs or fleas, you simply can’t run out in your backyard and do your business, can you?

No, and this is where synthetic can help out. Simply spread the stuff around the perimeter of your backyard and you will detour many unwanted bugs, insects, and animals.



Doctors Are Using Synthetic Urine


Would you be surprised to learn that there is a use for synthetic urine in the medical community?


There is and it is most widely used to treat jellyfish and urchin stings. Although there is no scientific proof that synthetic urine can provide pain relief there are plenty of people out there that are rubbing it on their skin to cure sunburn and provide pain relief from stings and chronic pains. For anyone that finds authentic unsanitary they always have the option of turning to synthetic urine.


Scientists Are Using Synthetic Urine

As it turns out it seems like there is even a use for synthetic urine in the scientific community as well. In fact, there are a number of scientists that are using the substance in experiments.
Why has the scientific community turned to synthetic urine instead of just using human urine?

They are using the substance because it is more sanitary and it has a much longer shelf life. This means that scientists can store the substance for much longer periods of time and they can virtually transport it anywhere.


The scientific community is using synthetic urine in experiments that involved urine testing for different diseases, cancer research, and NASA is even experimenting around with the substance for space travel.


Health Nuts Are Using Synthetic Urine


There is always someone out there looking to make his or her skin look younger and healthier. These individuals are willing to try any new cream or lotion available on the market. And, it seems that they have now turned to synthetic urine. They are rubbing it on their skin in hopes that it will provide them with healthier and younger looking skin.

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