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Submit an event to the calendar.

Looking for the Academic Calendar? Get the PDF.
Click here for help on submitting/using the portal calendar, adding an event to the calendar, or using event planning resources..

E-mail system issues resolved

As of Thursday, February 12th, most of the pending e-mail issues had been addressed. Most questions of late revolve around getting e-mail back on phones/mobile devices or using outlook desktop. For the most part the "fix" is to remove the profile and add it back. The IT help desk can help with this and we are putting together some updated instructions on how to do this. An example for iphone users can be seen below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Passwords and Accounts
  • Find  and select your TLU e-mail account that you previously setup
  • delete the account
  • next select "add account"
  • Select "Exchange" from the list of e-mail options
  • enter your e-mail address:
  • click "sign in" and enter your TLU password
  • Account should re-sync with the cloud mailbox


If you are having other issues or feel that something is missing please let us know at